Healthcare Providers

Save money

We’ll work with you to reduce costs on the supplies you purchase every day, improve resource utilization, lower the cost of care by reducing average length of stay, readmissions and HACs, and make your operations run more efficiently.


Save lives

Members of Premier’s QUEST® Collaborative have avoided 176,000 deaths and saved $15 billion since its inception in 2008. You can too, by collaborating across the alliance to improve quality of care.


Use integrated data to make informed decisions

You’ll have access to one of the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive databases, including approximately 40% of U.S. hospital discharges. And we take the data farther with benchmarking and expert analysis to help you make effective clinical and financial decisions.


Join the ranks of top performers across the country

Premier members consistently outperform other healthcare organizations every year. You can secure your competitive advantage by using best practices from your peers across the nation.


Use the latest in healthcare technology

Premier is the one of the only companies to offer an integrated data platform, called PremierConnect®. This groundbreaking platform brings all your Premier apps together in one place, gives you easy access to the shared knowledge of the alliance, and allows you to collaborate online with other members.